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Tse'dey Ethiopian Dinner & Traditional Coffee Ceremony

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Join us for an intimate long table Ethiopian dinner & sobremesa hour at the Annex, celebrating spring's vibrant colors and fresh flavors. 

Arrive promptly at 7 pm to enjoy a glass of Tej, a traditional honey wine. Experience communal dining with a large platter of spicy stews, aromatic veggies, and hearty legumes shared among 3-4 people. By engaging in this communal style of dining, you’ll get to experience the true essence of food and culture from this region of the world, and be able to appreciate the importance of companionship and community that is at the heart of Ethiopian dining traditions. 


After dinner, indulge in a blissful sobremesa hour featuring a traditional coffee ceremony led by Maheder Aekalu, an East African cultural worker. Experience the rich traditions and hospitality of East Africa as you enjoy freshly brewed single-origin Ethiopian beans. Maheder will share stories and insights into the history and role of coffee in East African culture, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the ceremony.

All ingredients for the dinner are organic and locally sourced, prepared by Fresenay Mengesha & specialty sweet treats by Abigail Gebreegziabher

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