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The Satiated Artist: Business & Money Energetics Workshop

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TSA is an abridged workshop on selling, promoting, and advocating for your creative work with more ease to make the money you want, your way. Selling your work gets to be simple, you can feel good about advocating in your work so you can have an abundant life as a creator. If selling or promoting your work suddenly feels hard it’s because of the stories you are telling yourself. TSA is a road to a new story, where you get to be yourself and make money as a result.


Ideal for:

  1. Individuals who recognize the reflection of their inner world in their external reality. They take primary responsibility for their reality.
  2. Creators eager to sell their work in a way that is more pleasurable for them.
  3. Creators who have sold their work previously and have already set up a system to receive sales.


Led by Pea the Feary
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