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The Art of Connection: Eye Gazing and Creative Expression

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In this workshop, participants will be guided through a series of eye gazing exercises that will help them to connect with their own emotions and those of others. Through eye contact, participants will be encouraged to let go of their thoughts and immerse themselves in the present moment. Participants will learn how to use eye gazing to develop empathy, connection, and understanding with others.


This unique opportunity will be guided in a way that feels safe, gentle and supportive. You will gaze with a variety of partners as well as mirror work with yourself.



Following the eye gazing exercises, participants will engage in a creative art-making process that will allow them to express what they experienced during the eye gazing session. The art-making process will be a free-form, intuitive exploration of colors, textures, and shapes, using a variety of materials such as paint, pastels, or clay. Participants will be encouraged to let go of any self-judgment and trust their inner creative process.

No previous art experience is required, as the focus of this workshop is on the experience of eye gazing and the expressive potential of art-making.

Led by Shreens

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