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The Art of Arabic Calligraphy: A Journey of Compassion

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Join us for an enriching experience as we explore the beautiful world of Aadil Abedi's unique deconstructed approach to Arabic calligraphy. This workshop is designed for beginners and will focus on mastering the basics of his elegant art form, all while fostering a spirit of compassion. Aadil will demonstrate to us how to write certain words in calligraphy and invites you to add your own interpretation to the finished art piece.


In this workshop, we will explore how the art of calligraphy can be a profound expression of compassion. Each stroke, each letter, and each word is crafted with care and intention, mirroring the patience and empathy we strive to embody in our daily lives.


As you learn to form the elegant curves and lines of the Arabic script, you’ll be encouraged to bring a sense of kindness and understanding to your work. This mindful approach not only enhances your artistic skills but also nurtures your ability to connect with others and yourself on a deeper level. The process requires a calm, steady hand and a focused mind, teaching us to slow down and appreciate the beauty of each moment. By practicing both compassion and patience, we create space for growth and learning, in our art and in our interactions with others.


Aadil hopes through the meditative practice of calligraphy, you will find moments of tranquility and reflection. As we write together, we build a community rooted in shared values and collective creativity.

About Aadil Abedi

Aadil creates a range of artistic designs connected by the central theme of showcasing the beauty of the Arabic script. Aadil strongly believes such beauty transcends faith, ideology, culture and is not limited to a traditional canvas. He conveys such universality through a unique deconstructed approach in bringing the Arabic script to life. Aadil is a recent resident of Los Angeles by way of London originally.


“My goal is to explore the malleability of script and typography, to reimagine ordinary objects. Breathing new life into them and exposing their hidden potential as artistic pieces”

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