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Subconscious Reprogramming: Active Breathwork, A Self Inquiry, and Relational Experience

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Join Bree VanZutphen for an evening of deep self inquiry, guided active breathwork, and cultivating deeper intimacy amongst the community.

The workshop will start with journaling/discussion on current individual and collective themes. We will then use active breathwork to process, release, and transmute whatever is creating stagnation within the individual body.

Breathwork is a practice for releasing emotional density from the physical body which ultimately frees up energy for us to be more available to our lives. This will be a beautiful experience of understanding how to cultivate a deeper relationship to Self amongst community - which ultimately creates a web of deeper engagement and interdependence in the greater collective.

Please bring a blanket and a journal.

About Bree: 

Bree is a healer, teacher, creatory, and artist. She combines somatic and embodiment practices in all of her teachings and is passionate about addressing the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects of Self in everything she facilitates. The intention at the core of her teachings is to hold space for others to deprogram their bodies and their minds of conditioning from upbringing, society, and the collective consciousness that inhibits the unique soul expression of each individual. She values freedom, authenticity, truth, conscious choice, community, and connection to the Self about all else. 

A Note from the Teahouse: With each workshop, we’re fusing the work of local artists and teachers together with our space and community. These evenings imprint new relationships, weave new worlds, and spark new beginnings. Thank you for your support.

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