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Spring TCM Seasonal Guide — Gua Sha for spring ailments, Energetic Transitions, Medicinal Teas

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Join acupuncturist, Dr. Jennifer Ng, for a comprehensive seasonal workshop delving into the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective on the shift from winter to spring as we head into the spring equinox.

We'll explore how this change affects sleep, digestion, mood, and motivation, offering insights into how to navigate it smoothly with lifestyle and mindful shifts. A gua sha demonstration will follow, highlighting benefits for spring issues such as: migraine headaches, facial puffiness, and seasonal allergies. Chinese medicinal teas will also be served and shown how you can prepare them easily at home to navigate through the symptoms the season of spring will bring.

Guests will go home with a jade acupressure spoon, a sample of a facial oil, and a spring seasonal guide print out.
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