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SEASONS: Japanese Calligraphy Workshop with Tea Pairing 桜

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SEASONS is a series of Japanese calligraphy workshops taught by Aoi Yamaguchi focusing on the innate beauty of the transition from one season to another captured in poetry. There are hundreds of kigo (季語, "season word"), which is a word or phrase associated with a particular season used in traditional forms of Japanese poetry. The April session will be 桜 (sakura) or Cherry Blossoms, which is a symbol of the fleeting nature of life and the transience of beauty in Japanese culture. We will embrace the ephemeral yet vibrant beauty of the spring through tea pairing and Japanese calligraphy.

The evening will have two parts: First, guests will be introduced to the artist’s selection of haiku poems with 桜 (cherry blossom) to inspire, which will be paired with a tea. After nourishing our mind and body through this sensory experience, we will dive into the practice of Japanese calligraphy. We will go over a brief history of Japanese calligraphy, calligraphy tools and supplies, as well as proper posture to focus on the present. You will begin to explore how the self is reflected in your own writing. Guests will practice the kanji character “桜” on up to 20 sheets of hanshi paper and take their own finished artworks home as souvenir from the evening.

This workshop is designed for adult beginners. No prior experience or knowledge of Japanese is necessary.


About the instructor

Aoi Yamaguchi, Japanese Calligrapher


Born and raised in Hokkaido, Japan, Aoi Yamaguchi has been trained to master calligraphy learning under Master Zuiho Sato from the age of 6. She is a recipient of numerous awards and supreme prizes at competitive public exhibitions.  She uniquely transforms Japanese calligraphy into physical artistic expression through conceptual performance. She has performed with contemporary dancers, models, and traditional and contemporary musicians all over the world.


Currently based in Venice, California, Yamaguchi continues her work on her conceptual calligraphy installations, exhibitions, workshops and performances as she continues to push the boundaries of traditional Eastern classics and contemporary artistic expression. 

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