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Roots, Leaves, Flowers: Exploring the Ethnobotany of Healing Plants

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Since time immemorial, the health of Earth’s flora and fauna has been integral to our survival. This symbiotic relationship is cultivated through our senses as we learn to identify and protect the vibrant quality of life around us. In this two-part workshop, we will gain knowledge on how to apply observational techniques used by field explorers and ethnobotanists, and formulate herbal recipes imbued with story and intention. 

PART I: Crafting an Herbarium: an herbalism workshop & lab

Ancient Alchemists sought to reveal the mysteries of nature through transformation. The elusive Elixir of Life was believed to grant immortality, rejuvenate the body, and prolong life.  This quest for life-everlasting resulted in testing combinations of organic material, though the Elixir has yet to reveal itself…

Through storytelling demonstrations, we will explore topics of memory, archiving personal//family remedies in an herbarium, health equity through herbal medicine, and learn how to craft intentional recipes in support of sustaining life. Guests will design their own custom herbal blend and receive a signed, first edition copy of ‘Roots, Leaves, Flowers: an herbal guide book’ by Tea at Shiloh.

(Optional) Part II: Expedition | May 5th, 2024 11-2 PM | Field Site TBD

Discover the wonder of our local landscape with an ethnobotanist while learning to document field notes and observations, gather plant specimens, and imagine new methods to support conservation and biodiversity. 

Please bring your copy of ‘Roots, Leaves, Flowers: an herbal guide book’ for note-taking, and an open mind for a joyful expedition. Film photography portraits will be offered to document our fostered connections to the outdoors.

Venture into the depths of nature’s secrets through an exploration of healing plants. 


Led by Tanya J. Matthews

Tanya is an ethnobotanist, photographer, and multimedia artist from Charleston, South Carolina. Of Afro-Latina descent, her work builds upon Southern traditional folk medicine, bridging the connections between ritual and environmental science. Weaving traditional knowledge and modern technology, her mission is to illuminate and protect the wonders of the ancient and natural world.

Integrating a wide variety of Earth based skills - including beekeeping, herbalism, and ceramic sculpture art - at the heart of her work is a desire to guide others in cultivating and nurturing a direct relationship with the Earth, leading to self-empowerment and liberation.

Tanya holds a Masters in Visual Anthropology and received her Certificate in Medicinal Plants from Cornell University. She has completed art residencies with National Geographic Society and Special Collections at the College of Charleston.

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