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Late Night Tea: Introverted Hours with geovariance (Maurice ii + Anna Wise)

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Late night tea, but for those looking for a more introverted, softer outing. 


geovariance presents a long form slow burn vibrational offering designed to enhance the atmosphere and intention of the space(s) it fills. They will provide the soundtrack for guests to relax and enter a desireless flow state. This desireless flow state is perfect for soft closed eyes, noticing your breath, releasing judgement and embracing what we sometimes perceive as mistakes, loving on every cell in your body, painting, crocheting, sketching, stretching, meditating, automatic writing, softly reciting affirmations, bringing forth new ideas and dreams, cultivating stillness, and accessing the sacred technology of your human body. 

These evenings are an opportunity to experience the teahouse in a much quieter, introspective setting and perfect for those looking to read, write, knit, bead or create. We will supply watercolors, but guests are encouraged to bring their own supplies. 
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