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Inner Aurora: Water, Light, & Sound Experience

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Join us at our tea Annex for our very first immersive audio-visual experience with water and light artist Lachlan Turczan accompanied by ambient musician and producer Raays.

Sound shapes water, water shapes light - Inner Aurora invites you to experience sound as a liquid light phenomena.

PLEASE NOTE ~ Unlike most of our events, doors will open 30 minutes before performance time for guest arrival and tea service, and will lock at the start of the performance.

For example: for the 7-8pm performance, doors will open at 6:30pm and lock at 7pm for the start of the performance. Please be punctual.

After the 1hr performance there will be 20mins of tea service and conversation before closing to prepare for the next event. Guests will be lying down or seated on floor cushions so please dress accordingly.

Glasses will be provided for eye protection as lasers are used in this exhibit.



Lachlan Turczan is an American artist working with light, water and sound. He has spent the past decade developing an art practice that explores the optical and sonic properties of water. Turczan is interested in how natural phenomena can alter human perception.

(aaron)raays is a Los Angeles-based producer, drummer, & sound architect, deriving music through a process he refers to as “archeology of self”. Raays recent release, Innervzm, via Leaving Records is a two volume suite of audio-visual pieces in collaboration with illustrator Ben Luu.

Blending musique concréte, field recordings, and improvisational synthesis, Raays weaves both a soothing and consoling sonic tapestry, deftly melding the organic and the analog. Visit him on Instagram @aaronraays

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