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Earth Law Council: The Emergence of the Rights of Nature and Rights of Future Generations 

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The Earth Law Council is a space to speak, move and feel our way towards a collective imagination of our response to the ecological crisis. This council will be a space to learn about a world that considers the rights for nature and the rights of future generations, based on the emerging body of law rooted in Earth Jurisprudence. It is a conversation about the convergence between our individual Civil Rights and global Rights of Nature. 


Our species has taken various paths in responding to the ecological crisis...paths oftentimes rooted in fear or denial. Along those paths, we have relied on our minds to think our way into new solutions. This Earth Law Council is your invitation into a circle where instead, we will drop into our bodies, and the ancestral wisdom it carries to imagine a way of being in relation to all beings. This circle is a somatic, sensory exploration towards a more loving world. 


The rights of future generations invite us to remember that we are our ancestors' dreams, while at the same time we are becoming ancestors for future generations. At the Earth Law Council, you will engage in concepts that may help inform your choices on how to be in reciprocity with all beings across time and space. This circle will help to let go of the world we have inherited and reimagine a world of nourishment, equity, justice and care for all beings that inhabit our precious Earth. 


You are encouraged to wear a color that makes you feel connected to the Earth.  


Led by Elisa D'Egidio 


Elisa is a practicing attorney; a student of Earth Law, Body Centered Medicine, and the way of Tea. She is an advocate for Kincentric Ecological Justice, helping bring forth a world that is centered around care and reciprocity for all beings. She has witnessed her grandmothers tending deeply to their gardens and alchemizing that care into meals for her family. It is in this spirit of belonging that her grandmothers instilled in her that she offers, as she welcomes us into the Earth Law Council.


In collaboration with Lani Trock, Dev Smith, Andrea Jimenez, Sasha Emoniee, Gianna D’Egidio, and Jovanna Kay. 


There will be no legal advice offered at this Council. 

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