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Somatic Storytelling: Freeing the Mind, Voice, and Body

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Our body is a tapestry that carries memory and immense knowledge. These days, we do a lot of surface-level reflection but rarely do we deepen that reflection with movement, action, and imaginative play. In our time together, we will begin with breath work and meditation, then ease into a few activities to explore a deep connection to our own voices, bodies, and each other.

The late poet and theologian John O’ Donohue said, "There is a place in the soul that neither time nor space nor any other being in touch. Where there is still a sureness in you. Where there is a seamlessness, a confidence and tranquility in you." The intention of this workshop is to unearth and deeply nurture that place.

This program will comprise of tea and introductions, a brief lecture on ancient Indian practices of storytelling, breath work, vocal work, meditation, interactive work, and space for reflection. No dance or movement background required!


Led by: Shiv Nadkarni
Shiv is a professional dancer, singer, movement leader, and medical student studying to be a psychiatrist. His performance work and academic work have always revolved around the intersections of art and medicine, having led movement interventions for kids with autism and elderly patients with Parkinson’s disease. He has been training and performing Kathak (an Indian classical dance storytelling form) for twenty years, and in 2019, received a Fulbright award to earn his MA in dance anthropology in London, where his research involved exploring stories of queerness in Kathak. Leading workshops like this is life-giving because he is able to meld his knowledge on the mind and body with ancient Indian movement vocabulary and storytelling practices to teach you alternative ways of healing.
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