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Capricorn Full Moon Ceremony: Natal Chart Analysis & Sigil-Making

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Led by astrologer & sigil-expert, Shelby Nico Bryant of essinbee, this Full Moon Ceremony will have a deep focus on your individual astrology, with a group chart analysis of each rising sign's Capricorn house. You will leave with a greater understanding of your different astrological archetypes, as well as the knowledge of how to make and work with sigils. There will be a bit of time for individual chart questions.


This Full Moon is in Capricorn, a sign of long-term planning, daily habits, and responsibility. Full Moons are all about reflecting on the past six months, practicing gratitude for what's bloomed, and releasing what is no longer serving you. This is the perfect time to check in on the goals you've set at the start of the new year, and make sure that your actions feel aligned to your dreams.


Please bring a journal and pencil and a screenshot of your natal chart shown in the Whole Sign system. You can find this through this link. The more accurate your birth time, the more accurate the reading. If you do not have your birth time, you will still be able to get an understanding of the other planetary aspects of your Capricorn house.


A Note from the Teahouse: With each workshop, we’re fusing the work of local artists and teachers together with our space and community. These evenings imprint new relationships, weave new worlds, and spark new beginnings. Thank you for your support.

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