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Candlelit Evening at the Annex: Beeswax Taper Candle Dipping Workshop

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Fire has been a sacred mystery for humankind since the beginning. Explore the timeless tradition of bringing light into darkness through the art of candle crafting. Delve into the historical connection between bees and ritual practices, intertwined with the symbolism of the "Queen" or Mother Goddess.

In this workshop, guests will sculpt their own beeswax candles while being surrounded by candles and the smell of melting beeswax. Guests will also be able to bring home a beeswax lip balm of their own making. Savor the sweetness of honeycomb tasting paired with tea and delightful offerings from the hive. Immerse yourself in the magic of bees and let the candle light guide your creative journey.

Due to the precious and sacred nature of pure beeswax, each participant is limited to creating two candles along with a lip balm. Be mindful not to waste this valuable resource; any excess wax will be recycled and re-melted.


Led by Marvin Jordana

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