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Breaking The Cycle: Soul Healing for Asian Intergenerational Wounds

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The pressure to be perfect, the dismissal of emotions, and the feeling that at any moment your safety could be jeopardized. While you may carry the fear of your immigrant parents and the wounds of the past, you also carry the light of your entire lineage and with it, the desire to feel safe, joyful, and free.


Join soul whisperer, certified life coach and RTT® hypnotherapist, Jen Cui, for an evening of guidance, channeled messages, nervous system healing, and subconscious soul activations in celebration of AAPI month.


You will experience this through:

- Tarot and Oracle card pulls & channeled messages

- Group coaching

- Guided group meditation & hypnosis

- Cake cutting ceremony


And at the end you will have rejuvenated your physical vessel, recalibrated your energy body, and remembered your soul's purpose.

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