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Altered States of Consciousness: Preparation & Integration

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Altered states of consciousness (ASC) have been central to both primitive and civilized cultures, and have been a common human experience throughout history. Engaging in ASC can promote growth, transformation towards health and well-being and lead to paths of new knowledge and insights. This workshop is designed to support the process of preparing and integrating these types of experiences.

What you'll learn

  • Understand what are altered states of consciousness and how these experiences have been explored throughout human civilization
  • Safe and meaningful practices to help prepare and integrate an ASC experience. 
  • Explore different aspects of the self and learn a variety of methods to integrate new knowledge and insights of your ASC experience. 

Tools you'll go home with

  • A personalized altered states of consciousness: preparation + integration guide book that you will fill out during this workshop and be able to reference when preparing and integrating your ASC experience
  • A set of methods that will support personal development and increase well-being 
  • Resources for integration support networks



No psychoactive substances will be used in this workshop. “Integration” is not a code word, but a process and state of mind that contributes to sustainable and meaningful engagements with altered states of consciousness. 

Led by Brittany Bueno

Brittany Bueno is a psychotherapist that practices ketamine assisted psychotherapy and psychedelic integration at Hope Integrative Psychiatry in Los Angeles. She holds a masters degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Addiction and Recovery, and has studied psychosocial and spiritual paradigms in Kyoto, Japan and Såo Paulo, Brazil. Her clinical training involved working through a trauma informed lens at Peace Over Violence in Downtown Los Angeles, utilizing crisis intervention, psychoeducation and somatic approaches to therapy. Much of her advocacy work has included volunteering for harm reduction services, while providing education and support for communities to help inform and transform difficult psychedelic experiences into opportunities for learning and growth. 

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