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Altered States of Consciousness: Integrating Highly Sensitive Traits in an Overstimulating World

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Altered states of consciousness (ASC) have been central to both primitive and civilized cultures, and have been a common human experience throughout history. Engaging in ASC can promote growth, transformation towards health and well-being, and lead to paths of new knowledge and insights.

Sensory processing sensitivity (SPS) has recently been proposed as a human neurobiological trait and exists in about 20% of the population. Highly sensitive traits involve increased sensitivity of the central nervous system meaning individuals experience a greater depth of processing information while generally being more aware of subtleties than others. These traits describe what a highly sensitive person (HSP) experiences, and when expressed adaptively can correlate with enhanced attentiveness, imagination, greater perception, and much more. This workshop will examine highly sensitive traits and ways to integrate them through altered states of consciousness.


What to expect:

  • Explore the scientific research of highly sensitive traits 
  • Evaluate what HSP traits you embody and at what level through self tests
  • Learn how to navigate being an HSP by discovering your strengths and challenges
  • Engage in a non substance induced altered state to integrate your sensitivities 

Tools you’ll go home with:
  • A personalized guide book that you will fill out during this workshop and be able to reference for integration
  • An eye mask for inward experiences and personal exploration 
  • Resources for highly sensitive people


Led by Brittany Bueno


A Note from the Teahouse: With each workshop, we’re fusing the work of local artists and teachers together with our space and community. These evenings imprint new relationships, weave new worlds, and spark new beginnings. Thank you for your support.

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