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Alchemizing Grief: A Journey in Breath, Meditation & Sound

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This 3-hour heart-centered experience is an opportunity to explore and honor grief as the altered state of consciousness that it is. Allowing space to feel and process loss in whatever form it has manifested in for you. Utilizing grief as a doorway into a deeper connection with Self and the world around us.  

We'll use a Transformational Breathwork practice, a guided Nidra meditation, a soundbath meditation, and guided journaling practice as our vehicles to journey inward and alchemize. 


The Transformational Breathwork practice is our opportunity to drop into our bodies and shift and release. The guided Nidra meditation will be our opportunity to tune more deeply inward, connect with our hearts, and experience deep embodiment and softening. The Soundbath meditation and guided journalling practice will serve as opportunities to integrate and receive the grace and alchemize our introspective efforts.

No previous experience with meditation or breathwork is needed to participate in this event. Wear warm, comfortable clothes, and bring a blanket and a journal. 


Traditional South African Rooibos tea from Olivia's hometown will be served.


Led by Olivia Otten -

Olivia has been a mindfulness facilitator for a decade; originating from South Africa, she has facilitated yoga, meditation, and breathwork practices in London, NYC, the Seychelles, and Los Angeles; where she now resides. Her primary focus is nurturing the nervous system, creating safe containers for individuals to connect more deeply to Self, and offering an overall opportunity to slow down and soften. She currently teaches exclusively with Open online and in person.

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