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The Wisdom of the Bees: Apiary Field Trip

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Beekeeping is an ancient practice that takes us back to the very first humans to cohabitate with these amazing beings in search of the eternal nectar called honey. The bees brought light to their nights, pollinated plants, and sweetened their life as it does now, in the present.

You are invited to a honeybee rescue rehabilitation apiary and tea garden. Inhabited by superorganisms that have the ability to atmospherically charge the weather and create a healing vibratory field. Reset your heartmind, spacetime equilibrium, where you will have the rare opportunity to observe and feel them flying and dancing all around us.

We will start off with some tea and honey tasting. We will do a sound bath to harmonize and calm our primitive brains before entering the apiary. Then, we write our healing intentions on parchment paper and put them in a bee smoker.

The group will be divided in half, like a swarm in the spring, to do some practical beekeeping to observe the crystalline body of one of nature’s most magical super organisms. Bee suits and gloves will be provided, and a waiver will need to be signed before anyone can participate due to the elements of danger involved.

We will set aflame our healing intentions that we put in the smoker and gather in a drum circle while doing a bee breathing practice, humbly asking the bees to symbolically pollinate the flowers with the smoke and ashes of our wishes at the end of the event.


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