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Soul Alchemy: a writing workshop

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July 25, 2023





Soul Alchemy is a transformative writing workshop consisting of 4 Sections designed to help each participant tap into their creative potential and explore the depths of their inner world with spiritual richness. 

Throughout this workshop, we will guide you through a series of interactive exercises, discussions, and writing prompts to nurture your creativity and foster a deep connection between your mind and body.

Workshop Sessions:

Session 1: Finding Your Voice

  • Exploring personal narratives and perspectives
  • Breaking free from self-doubt and fear of judgment

Session 2: Developing a Mind-Body Connection

  • Cultivating mindfulness and presence in your writing practice
  • Exploring the symbiotic relationship between mind and body
  • Utilizing sensory experiences to enhance your writing

Session 3: Bridging Spirituality into Writing

  • Understanding the connection between spirituality and creativity

Session 4: Building Your Inner World: Metaphors

  • Unleashing imagination and accessing the depths of your inner world
  • Creating vivid and authentic fictional or poetic landscapes
  • Cultivating emotional resonance and depth in your writing
  • Exploring the power of metaphors and symbolism in writing

By the end of this workshop, you will have gained a deeper understanding of your writing voice and the confidence to express yourself authentically. The ability to integrate personal legend into your writing, adding depth and resonance to your work. A stronger mind-body connection, enabling you to tap into your intuition and emotions while writing. The tools to build rich and immersive worlds, enhancing the realism and impact of your writing.


Led by Malanda Jean-Claude 

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