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Retablos: momento para existir

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October 17, 2023





In Mexico we like to celebrate important moments of life whether it be of death, love or miracles. Each cycle of our existence deserves recognition; behind this practice is humble devotion and gratitude.


One way we do this is by the act of Retablos.


Retablos are small pictures painted traditionally to depict a miracle or moment of triumph in our past. It gives us space to honor, grieve, acknowledge, to feel and respect the heaviest fall and brightest ascend.


These small paintings are meant to be honest, sincere depictions with a few sentences painted directly onto wood; traditionally these paintings are not meant for a showcase of technical skill. Everyone is welcomed.

No prior skills required, simply open to all who wish to connect and share their stories to a broader loving community. The evening will begin with a short history of retablos, followed by a cacao ceremony and will conclude with an open floor discussion for those who wish to share their stories. 


Viva la vida!


Led by Vasco

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