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Relational Presencing: A Social Meditation Practice

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July 5, 2023






Relational Presencing (RP) is a social meditation practice that helps you transform your sense of what relationship is and can be. By engaging in these practices, you begin the journey of moving beyond a world of separateness, opening yourself up to tools which foster community, intimacy, and a profound sense of belonging. In this workshop you will be invited to expand beyond your limits, let go of your personal stories, speak from the heart, deeply listening to others, and cultivate a profound awareness grounded in openness and curiosity.


By practicing RP, you will improve your communication skills, build trust and connection with others, and become more present and engaged in your life. This practice cultivates authentic and creative expression, moving you beyond shame, judgment, and inhibition. You can discover new possibilities and experiences that enrich your life in novel and profound ways.


RP is based on simple principles, such as trust, presence, curiosity, openness, connection, and personal responsibility. By following these principles, you can deepen your relationships and your understanding of yourself and your world of relationships. Whether you desire to connect better with your colleagues, friends, loved ones, or yourself, RP can offer you a truly transformative experience.

Led by Lorne Lieberman

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