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Regenerative Foods: Discussion & Workshop

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Join Anjelo of Farmfluence and Jaskrit of Inner Garden Wellness for a discussion and interactive workshop centering around the importance of regenerative agriculture, local food systems, nourishment from the ground up, and reducing food waste. 

We will discuss the impact that supporting local regenerative organic farmers has on the health of us and the planet, as well as simple ways to eat as locally as possible. We will touch on the nutritional benefits of eating food that is locally grown in living, healthy soil.

We will then prepare some simple, medicinal pantry staples together made using scraps of food that would otherwise be discarded. We can be an active participant in restoring vitality to our planet and taking care of our health at the same time. 

Each guest will go home with a farm box of produce provided by Farmfluence.

This workshop will take place at the annex.

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