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Moonlight White Tea

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Moonlight White is the ultimate late night tea at Shiloh. She is a traditional white tea from Yunnan, China, whose leaves are harvested under the full moon, and thus, carry moon energy — whatever that may mean to you. When guests drink this tea, we see them melt into their surroundings and open up like the leaves while steeping.

With notes of honey and persimmon, the most impressive attribute of this tea is how it makes you feel. It lifts heavy veils, improves concentration, and encourages flow in conversation.

These leaves are sustainably sourced from undisturbed, ancient tea tree gardens by tea farmers who are dedicated to the protection of local ecology and biodiversity.

Bag illustration by Yeshé Thapa Magar @sunkotara, a British-Nepalese multidisciplinary artist/illustrator whose work is deeply rooted in energy, connection, and performance.

Artworks on the tea bags were produced through experimental mark-making techniques to capture the magical essence of the carefully curated tea blends. It was important to Yeshé that the illustrations had both a grounding and blossoming spirit to them; perfectly representing the space that Tea at Shiloh has to offer.

Bags are biodegradable and home compostable.

Photos by Jackie Radinsky


honey, persimmon, floral, a quiet confidence


40g of premium loose leaf tea

How to use

  • Steep 4g of leaves in 24 oz of hot water for 45 seconds
  • Resteep as many times as you’d like, and add more leaves with each infusion for a stronger flavor
  • Store in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight
  • If stored properly, leaves can be aged indefinitely. Enjoy as the flavors change over time
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