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Massage & Bodywork

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September 6, 2023





Massage and bodywork are two of the most powerful therapies we can turn to to deepen relaxation, heal our bodies, and connect to those around us. OneSoma Bodywork teaches couples, friends, and family how to exchange effective bodywork and massage techniques so more people can experience their profound therapeutic benefits. With effective guidance, we can all become bodyworkers and healers for one another. 

Isabel Kelly is certified in Rolfing Structural Integration and Chinese Abdominal Massage, and in this workshop she will guide us through the fundamentals of OneSoma Bodywork. Enjoy an evening of dropping deeply into our bodies by learning how to give and receive transformative bodywork techniques in the back muscles and abdomen: two of the most common regions of the body in need of therapeutic touch. The goal of OneSoma is to put healing– quite literally– at your fingertips so you can help others, and they can help you. 

We encourage you to attend the workshop with a partner (1 ticket per person). If you want to come alone, please email us and we will pair you with other individual participants. 
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