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Kita jumpa lagi: Indonesian Dinner at the Annex

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October 4, 2023





Kita jumpa lagi / we see each other again. We invite you to join us for an intimate Indonesian dinner at the Annex by Anastasia from Ku Rasa.


During this dinner, we are expected to gather around the table, celebrating intimacy and community care. This dinner will consist of a communal meal across the harmonious dinner table. Expect yellow aromatic turmeric rice along with multiple Indonesian side dishes and fresh vegetables cooked in Indonesian spices such as tempeh, tofu, jackfruit, bakwan, and many more that will be served on banana leaves as substitutes for plates. With a tablescape which brings in familiar forms and colors to Anastasia's Indonesian upbringing, guests are encouraged to eat with their hands. The abolition of tools and utensils is an ode to the tactile way Indonesian's eat food, makan pakai tangan. Guests will get to experience the true Indonesian flavors and tradition of communal eating that cultivates togetherness - as people enjoy the conversation over an abundant meal in unison.

Serving up classic Indonesian food takes days of gathering ingredients, preparation, meticulous labor, and love. In creating these Southeast Asian flavor profiles, there is a certain technique that has been passed down to generations. These dishes come from a place of memory from Anastasia's upbringing and we are excited to share with you in this intimate space.

Meal will be served with tea and parting dessert. 

Semoga kita akan berjumpa lagi / Hope we will see each other again!
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