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Higher Self Gathering

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7:00p - 10:00p


June 27, 2023





Join us for a yummy gooey evening where you will create the highest ideal of yourself!

We will discuss the tools that can help you regulate back to your highest self every time a condition outside of you throws you off this path. This is the key work for Manifestation and purposeful living

Together, we will be kings and queens, kids and family, givers and receivers. We will practice aligning your vibrational being (body, thoughts, and emotions) to your highest self. You will be freely seen, heard, felt, elevated, and supported. 

We will begin with a Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony, followed by breath-work and embodiment practices to infuse our container with love for our divine vessels. We will practice Vocal Toning & Chanting of Higher Self Love Mantras in unison. We will adorn one another with Henna and other care and acknowledgement of one another through simple caresses and expressions. This evening will open you up to receive abundance and connect strongly with your prana/chi.

Led by Saleha


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