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Herbs for Cycles: Inner Spring/Follicular Phase

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Come into bloom this Spring by nurturing the connection between the body and Earth's cycles. 

A night of ceremony + creation focused on deepening our body literacy and tuning into the wise ways of understanding how to support ourselves through the monthly cycle. This seasonal series begins with tools to build a strong foundation and bring balance and playfulness to the inner Spring, the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle.

We will engage in an in depth multi sensory experience to learn what the follicular phase is, its energetic and physical qualities, and how we can support this energetic phase with specific herbs, foods, and rituals. 

Our Cycles ceremony:

  • Learning the physical + energetic qualities of the Follicular phase 
  • Sit with a few key herbs of the Follicular phase in a sensory meditation + learn the energetic + physical qualities of these herbs
  • Enjoy food pairings for each of our Follicular phase herbs that focus on foods that are indicated for this phase
  • Rituals + intuitive seed/herb blends for the Follicular phase

Led by Sasha Pagni

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