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Fermentation & Traditional Chinese Breakfast

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June 19, 2023





In this class, we will be learning a traditional family recipe and also a popular recipe for fermentation: Chinese Pickled Mustard Greens.

Together, we will learn step-by-step how to properly prep and spice mustard greens and also delve into a sampling of the many pickled vegetables eaten with a popular dish known as 粥 – jūk (Cantonese) or Congee. Congee is considered as a must-have breakfast dish and spans between many cultures with different ways of preparing. It is a great jump-starter to the digestive system to maximize healing and paired with pickled ferments makes for a great gut health boost!

All guests will enjoy a meal of congee and a variety of the hosts favorite ferments together as well as take home a jar of their very own pickled mustard greens! We look forward to having breakfast for dinner with you. 

We ask that all guests bring their own mason jars for fermenting!

Led by Erika Ho

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