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Dreaming with Death

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Across diverse cultures, there exists a profound and often revered connection between death and dreams, particularly in the phenomenon of dreaming about the deceased. These dreams are widely interpreted as opportunities for spiritual communication from loved ones who have passed on. They are believed to convey messages, offer guidance, and provide comfort by reaffirming the continuity of relationships beyond physical life. In many traditions, dreaming of the dead is viewed as a sacred experience, where dreams are respected as a means to process grief, find closure, and gain spiritual insights into the afterlife. Ritual practices, such as dream incubation ceremonies, underscore the fact that dreams bridge the gap between the living and the dead, fostering a deeper understanding of existence and the enduring bonds of love and connection.

'Dreaming with Death' is a conversation and immersive experience into the themes of death, grief and the afterlife, through the lens of dreams and expanded states of awareness. Unlike our shared cross-cultural traditions, grief and death have unfortunately become taboo in modern culture, causing unnecessary isolation and discomfort for bereaved people. Making space to normalize death and dying, our experiences of grief and loss, and maintaining a relationship with our loved ones beyond their physical form is essential for our wellbeing. Let's unite together in the presence of this profound mystery and help each other harness the courage and understanding to face life, and death, with open arms. 

Because death is our universal shared fate, this gathering is open to all no matter if you are currently processing grief or if you are simply curious about exploring the connection between dreaming and death. If you have a personal dream experience of a deceased loved one, we will invite you to share this with the group. 



"I’ve been thinking about starting a business with my brother to honor our late mother for a while now. In the dream I re-entered during our guided session on Tuesday evening, my mom showed me what this business could look like in a very real, palpable way. She said to me, “call it Lola’s” - which spurred me into action.  Have been reflecting on Tuesday’s experience all week, and it continues to reveal more and more to me. I can’t tell you how grateful I am." 

-Dreaming with Death, 2023

Hannah is a yoga and breathwork instructor, a grief guide, and herbalist, whose path into holistic healing was amplified by her mother's death. This experience deepened her connection to spiritual realms and the significance of dreams. Through a somatic approach to grief, she offers opportunities to transform pain into power and build a relationship to grief by honoring its essential role in our lives and communities. 

Michaela has over a decade of dedicated exploration into dream realms. As a certified Active Dreaming teacher, she has honed her skills and shared her passion through hosting popular events that foster social connection through dream sharing. Mostly, she is a forever-student of the mystery and is excited to welcome you into the world of dreams and active imagination.



A Note from the Teahouse: With each workshop, we’re fusing the work of local artists and teachers together with our space and community. These evenings imprint new relationships, weave new worlds, and spark new beginnings. Thank you for your support.

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