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Amān amān: Ethiopian Dinner at the Annex

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July 20, 2023





We invite you to join us for an intimate long table Ethiopian dinner at The Annex!

Please arrive promptly at 7pm to enjoy a glass of Tej, a fermented honey wine flavored with an indigenous herb known as gesho

During this dinner, a large platter painted with some classic and modern takes of Ethiopia’s spicy stews, aromatic veggies and hearty legumes will be shared among 3-4 people. There is a closeness and trust to eating in this fashion. It is a poetic utterance of love and community that encourages diners to interact with each other and share in the sacred experience of mealtime. By engaging in this communal style of dining, you’ll get to experience the true essence of  food and culture from this region of the world, and be able to appreciate the importance of companionship and community that is at the heart of Ethiopian dining traditions. We are excited for you to experience the kind of magic that only takes place around an abundant plate of food.  

After dinner we will indulge in a blissful sobremesa hour featuring an Ethiopian coffee ceremony. 

The dinner will be set to live instrumental and ambient enchantments performed by Harpist Leng Bian. 

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