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A Cupcake Workshop ~ A Yuzu Summer

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August 12, 2023





nīn is a reflection, a taste, a sound, a feeling, an experience of whatever you want it to be. nīn is more than just cupcakes. It is an exploration of our senses into cupcake form.

Cupcakes can be more than just a sugar overload or an indulgent dessert, but rather a sweet intention when crafted with quality and care.

Within this space, you will be guided to see desserts in an alternative light, how ingredients can be used to create a satisfaction of flavors and visuals. We will explore different culinary techniques, cakes, and buttercreams to create a balance and harmony between taste and texture.

We will be exploring flavors of summer, fruity and tart, and incorporate balance through teas and floral notes.

You will be guided to decorate our “yuzu creamsicle” cupcake, create one of your own from a selection of cakes, buttercreams, and toppings, and lastly, we will gift one of our  classics the “strawberry shortcake” cupcake for you to bring home with your creations.

Led by Allison, chef & owner of nīn, who has been honing her craft for over 10 years.

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